Finger Posts & Waymarkers

Finger Posts & Waymarkers

Border Signs & Graphics make all their fingerposts and waymarkers here in our workshops in Dumfries in Scotland, using a variety of materials.

We specialise in urban and rural installations using metals, timber and recycled materials to give you, the customer the widest possible choice.

You can be sure that whatever material you choose, Border Signs & Graphics will ensure that everything not only looks great but is very robust and will last a very long time.

Did you Know?

Legislation was enacted in England in 1697 which enabled magistrates to place direction posts at cross-highways.

However, the oldest fingerpost still extant is thought to be one close to Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire, dated 1669 and pointing to Oxford, Warwick.


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timber waymarker
Timber waymarker, with routed text and graphics