Augmented Reality

Bring interpretation to life with the latest technology. With an app for smart phone or iPad and special “trigger images” incorporated in traditional interpretive panels, we can now offer Augmented Reality in interpretation.
From interactive games, image galleries, and even filmed presenters or actors, a multitude of augmented reality content can be activated from the signage.

Viewers of the signage can download an app for smartphone or tablet, point their device at the sign and additional information comes to life. In the form of text, video, 3D models or a combination of all of them. It’s added over the real-world object you’re looking at through your viewfinder.

Let Border Signs & Graphics, the most innovative “Sign Makers” in the United Kingdom demonstrate what Augmented Reality can add to your interpretation project.

AR | Augmented Reality | Bring your interpretive signage to life
AR | Augmented Reality
Multiguard® interpretive panel, with “trigger” image for Augmented Reality
Bespoke steel upright structure, with Multiguard® interpretive panel, and “trigger” image for Augmented Reality