Talking Post

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At Border Signs & Graphics we like to think “outside the box” when it comes to interpretive projects. Imagine bringing your park to life with music, stories, jokes or customized information about the park or history of the location?

Line-up of Colourful Talking Posts
Line-up of Colourful Talking Posts

City centres, Castles, Nature Reserves, Wind Farms, Children’s Playgrounds, to name a few, would benefit from this simple yet powerful and adaptable means of communication.
This is all made possible with the Talking Post.

The Talking Post brings any space to life and is fun for any age. It’s a great way of engaging young and old and with inclusivity in mind, you can enjoy the story, trivia or music together. It helps to keep parents, grandparents and carers occupied while the little ones can explore other areas of the park.

Consider Nature Reserves with not only the spoken word but with background bird song, or a Battle Site with historical background noise. You can entertain the public waiting in the cue at the entrance of the attraction park. It has limitless possibilities.

The Talking Post is environmentally friendly it doesn’t require electricity, batteries or solar power – instead, it is powered by the users themselves, powering up with the pedal.

The Talking Post comes in standardized designs or at an extra cost can be customized to suit your bespoke story or environment.

The Talking Post:

  • No batteries or Cables
  • Pedal Powered
  • Independent and Sustainable
  • Interactive and Intuitive
  • Dual Language Audio
  • Attractive Design
  • Colour Options Available
  • Customise Graphics
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Easy Message Change

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