Multiguard® Interpretation Panels

Multiguard® is perhaps the best protective material on the market for external interpretation panels. It has been developed by Border Signs & Graphics and is not available elsewhere.

Multiguard® provides complete protection from the various effects of the weather and has been sited and put to the test in many diverse situations including wet and windy coastal areas and in mountainous regions with extreme high and low temperatures.

Multiguard®, a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) substrate, assures:

  • Rigidity and longevity
  • Exceptional durability against harsh environments – complete encapsulation assures protection against water and frost damage
  • Multiguard® is vandal resistance – graffiti can be easily cleaned from the surface with a release agent. Impact damage is greatly reduced
  • The use of UV stabilised inks and resins ensures no fading. Ink colour retention is underwritten by a 10-year warranty.
  • A matt finish enhances the image and eradicates glare and reflection.

10-year colour fast guarantee

Border Signs & Graphics use resins that have UV technology allowing a 10-year colour fast guarantee. Maintenance of the Multiguard® panel is extremely easy, most propriety cleaning fluids can be used without fear of damaging the panel.

Multiguard® Interpretation Panels
Multiguard® panel in production
Multiguard® panel
Multiguard® interpretive panel in steel frame
Multiguard® panel with Braille elements
Multiguard® panel with Braille elements

For more information and a Multiguard® sample – call 01387 269582 or email